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Affiliate Program

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Join our affiliate program and earn 25% recurring invoice!

Welcome to Affiliate Program We are currently tracking a very innovative and powerful, the function of this system is to place a cookie on the browser of visitors to your affiliate code assigned automatically by our system, this cookie remains for 90 days in the visitor's browser to ensure if at any time the visitor decides to purchase one of the plans is hosting fees are automatically credited.

If at any time the Galician with your affiliate code in the browser of visitors is cleared, still have their IP address recorded. Each IP is synchronized with the database system affiliate if the sale is made, this is to ensure that sales are properly recorded.

With affiliate system monetize your traffic and earn high commissions is easy, we are of the few companies that pay commissions for recurring invoice, most companies only pay commissions on the first bill, we guarantee to pay you 25% by recurring invoice. Each month you will be charging 25% for each invoice your customers you have referred.

Do not think so come and join our affiliate program which is higher than any other affiliate program known in the hosting market, our affiliate program made it possible for our partners to earn thousands of dollars every month. There is no better time to start promoting hosting services now.

What is it?
The affiliate program is one of the most innovative affiliate programs and cost that can be found today in the hosting market.

What I get
By taking clients to hire any of the hosting plans, you will automatically receive 25% from the sale of reference for life, this affiliate system unlike any other affiliate system have heard because our system affiliate pay for recurring invoice.

You will receive a username and staff members of our online administration you can:
• View clicks your links
• Track your commission payments
• Access to our banners to use for your site

How it works:
In a given calendar month:

• All sales referred you will receive a 25% lifetime.
• Receive 25% of the products purchased from customers, this means that if the customer takes out a shared hosting plan with your affiliate code and then 1 month later upgrade to a distributor or master plan you will receive 25% lifetime commissions for sales of these customers.

Earn commissions for life
By using our affiliate program for life, you will earn 25% of sales generated through your affiliate code for life, with our affiliate program you will receive commissions for every customer you refer. Even if you someday decide to leave the business, you still earn money month after month, year after year, it's that easy to earn high commissions with our affiliate.

Method to charge fees: offers its members the following methods to collect commissions paypal, payza, wester union, moneygram, payoneer. The minimum to charge fees is $50.

Great looking banners
We are currently offering many respects totally professional banners, flashy banners. All banners come in standard sizes, with static and dynamic content, which seamlessly integrate into your website.

It's easy to advertise your affiliate link only place anywhere custom banners with your affiliate code, or if you prefer you can use different strategies to promote your affiliate link on forums, blogs, youtube, social networks, etc.

How it works...

1. Sign up for an affiliate account.
2. Select your banner and get HTML Code.
3. Place banner and code on your site and start earning!